Norwich Township
Newaygo County, MI

General Information

Newaygo County Household Hazardous Annual Waste Collection:

  • Held on first Saturday of June from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

Norwich Township Annual Clean-up - 2nd Saturday of June:

  • Held at the Norwich Township hall for residents of Norwich Township
  • Second Saturday of June from 8:00 a.m. to noon  
  • ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: paints, oils, chemicals, appliances containing Freon

            (refrigerators, freezers, etc.) batteries, yard waste & tree limbs, and whole tires.


Hall Rental: The town hall may be rented by Norwich Township residents for a fee

of $25.00 and a refundable deposit of $50.00. Contact Phyllis Carlson at 1-231-796-2107.



Township Update:


  • Website update is pending
  • Planning Board and Zoning Board - additional members are still needed
  • Jon Bumstead;s representative stated Jon would have office hours in Newaygo County
  • County is now subcontracting all work done by the Building Dept.
  • Road bids: possible sites--7 Mile west of Elm, Cypress between the Hall and Cemetery and                              11 Mile and Beech
  • Quickbooks - 3 year contract to update program was approved
  • Recreational Marijuana - Ordinance 2019-1 effective May 10, 2019 was approved
  • MTA class for Planning Board & Board of Appeals was approved
  • Hendon & Slate audit bid was discussed
  • Election assistant was appointed by the Board and will serve as election Chair and attend                           classes for QVF program


  • Discussed bids for updating website; due to high cost, Treasurer will update site through current company
  • Planning Board-one member has been added to fill vacancy; one more member is needed
  • Budget was approved
  • Insurance bids--Clerk presented cost information from several townships with similar populations; cost

            is close to same amount; will stay with BH&S

  • Recreational Marihuana-Planning Board recommended that the Township Board prohibit the sale,

           distribution, manufacturing, growing, or other commercial business of recreational marihuana in the

           Township. Clerk will begin process.


  • Discussed  Township web page and possible upgrade of website builder
  • Several line items in the 2018-19 budget were amended
  • Furnace not working properly nor efficiently per service call; approved purchase of new furnace
  • Received letter from Casair requesting a right of way for telecommunications permit
  • Discussed framing of historical display items
  • Discussed insulation of Hall with foam glued to bricks on interior base plus vapor barrier


  • Supervisor discussed progress of bathhouse at Mohnke Campground
  • Zoning Administrator's contract and Hold Harmless contracts completed and signed
  • Joint meeting 3/6/19 with Planning Board:  Ryan Coffey from MSU Ext. will be guest speaker
  • Board of Review members were appointed; two members will attend MTA class next month
  • Plans for additional property at Hall:  Planning Board will be asked to look into process

           to develop this into a cemetery for the future.

  • Discussed replacement of kitchen light over sink and purchase of non-skid mat for back entrance
  • Road Commission advised that Township Board will receive $5000.00 for dust control


  • Year in Review newsletter to be added to webpage
  • Board reviewed ZO 16.06; Special Use permit allowed to stand; update needed regarding                         progress of bathhouse at Mohnke Campground
  • Zoning Administrator's contract renewed for one year
  • Hold Harmless Contracts to be prepared for snowplowing, snow shoveling and repairs made at hall
  • Newaygo County Deputy Israel spoke about the drug problem in Newaygo County
  • New Recreational Marihuana Law-Board discussed waiting to act on this until State has had time                     to sort out the regulation
  • 2019 meeting dates presented; will be published in the Pioneer and put on webpage
  • Discussed joint meeting for Planning and Township Boards to be held March 6
  • Copy of latest amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to be distributed to Board members


  • Road Commission has been advised and addressed cracking of new surface on Pierce Road
  • Update on Mohnke Campground bath house has not been received by Township Board; Board will 

​            review Zoning Ordinance 16.06 prior to next meeting

  • Meetings required for Planning Board is four per year; ZBA is twice per year. 2019 schedule will

           reflect changes. Any additional Planning Board meetings will be advertised in Pioneer

  • No interest shown in sale of old 2 inch well pump
  • Discussed next Township newsletter which will be posted on web page and mailed only upon



  • Township website averaging 650 hits per month
  • Mohnke Campground issues pending
  • Old well house removed
  • Land owner questioned the status of the old Johnson Road; referred to Road Commission


  • Mohnke Campground-Since progress is being made on the bath house, Board

           will not act on this noncompliance issue

  • Road repairs have been completed
  • Insurance line items will be tabled until next year
  • Per recommendation of Planning Commission, Board approved a parcel to be rezoned from

           commercial to agriculture


  • Draft for snow removal/hold harmless approved
  • Discussed brining of township roads
  • Extension of METRO act permit through 12/31/23 signed
  • Zoning Administrator presented report on status of permits and lack of progress on

          bathhouse at Mohnke's campground

  • Clerk will research companies for cost comparison of insurance charges


  • Lawn Service and Hold Harmless contract signed
  • Kip's Excavating and Asphalt has completed the work at the Hall
  • Township Clean Up Day - 45 loads from 29 residents
  • E. Hungerford Lake Road - still pending - two parallel roads have same name


  • Insurance Company suggestions: Clerk presented contract with hold harmless clause for lawn care at

           cemetery and hall

  • Approved bid to seal coat and strip hall parking lot
  • Township clean-up used 4 1/2 dumpsters
  • Road brining approved
  • Hungerford Lake Road - two roads parallel to each other have same name; Road Commission and

            Equalization are working on this issue

  • Zoning Administrator presented report and discussed lack of progress on bathhouse at Mohnke's



  • Township website update - County Clean-Up Day information added to general information tab
  • Insurance Company recommendations completed include:  new fire extinguisher, motion detectors

            over doors and reflective tape on inside steps. City of Big Rapids will provide maintenance/flushing

            of fire well and keep records. Other items pending.

  • Mohnke campground bathhouse not completed by May 1; Board voted to extend requirement to June 1
  • Township Clean-Up for residents scheduled for June 9th from 8 a.m. to noon
  • Chuck Bonning will be in charge of raising and lowering the flag as needed
  • Flags for Veterans' graves are purchased by Clerk and placed during Memorial Day


  • Insurance Company suggestions were reviewed
  • Holly Hughes discussed her qualifications for Senate seat
  • FOIA request presented and discussed
  • Road bids-Supervisor presented bids from the County Road Commission on the 5 roads most in need

           of repair as suggested by the Road Commission. After much discussion, plans are to wedge and

           overlay both Nine Mile (west of Cypress) and Dogwood.

  • Township website update--6905 hits last year, including many from overseas
  • Newsletter/2017 Year in Review--prepared for mailing
  • Medical Marihuana Facilities Resolution to "opt out" --prepared for mailing to the State
  • Reviewed letter from DEQ regarding Mohnke campground
  • 2017 budget--several line items were amended
  • 2018 budget hearing -- after much discussion, 2018 budget approved


  • Annual newsletter discussed; plan to prepare for mailing at March meeting
  • Medical Marihuana Facilities Resolution to "opt out" will be sent to the State
  • Discussed sending letters to property owners who have property zoned commercial to determine if they are interested in keeping it that way
  • Discussed draft of expenditures and budget recommendations which will be finalized at Budget Hearing on March 14th


  • Fritz Pins, Newaygo County Building Inspector, stated department's main goal is to provide safety for the residents of Newaygo County. Township's approval is needed in many instances before County will issue a permit
  • Township website: updated ordinance is online
  • Annual newsletter is nearing completion
  • Salary comparisons: Township's compensation compares to other townships of a similar size
  • Board of Review members to attend MTA class in February
  • Funds transferred from general fund to fire fund to cover additional expenses


  • Township website: all sections referring to medical  Marihuana have been deleted from the Ordinance online
  • FOIA policy was discussed
  • Joint meeting with the Planning Board was held on December 6
  • EMS has been paid in full


  • Township website: images on screen continue to overlap; GoDaddy not able to help, may need to find another company when contract runs out
  • ZBA alternate member vacancy has been filled
  • Sign for fire well recognizing TransCanada has been installed
  • FOIA policy under review


  • ZBA vacancy pending
  • Mohnke campground - Zoning Administrator approved; final requirement to be completed by 5/1/18
  • FOIA policy discussed
  • New voting machines for next school election on 11/7/17
  • Master Plan updated and approved
  • Zoning Ordinance - all sections pertaining to Medicinal Marijuana have been removed



  • ZBA vacancy pending
  • Sign for fire well approved for purchase
  • Rear door replacement approved
  • Due to cost, newsletters will be handled by FSU Copy Center; frequency dictated by news to report
  • New voting machines to be used state-wide at next election


  • Township website - updates to agenda may be made up until the day of the meeting
  • ZBA - alternate needed
  • Ambulance contract - response time reviewed; no need to change provider
  • Cost of mailing newsletter was discussed
  • Availability of fiber optic cable was discussed- information can be found on Draheim's FaceBook page
  • Road repairs -Resident questioned the selection of roads that were repaired. Road Commission advised Township as to which roads were in greatest need of immediate repair
  • Mohnke campground - Zoning Administrator will work with Mr Mohnke to complete necessary requirements
  • Medical marijuana - Motion carried to have the Planning Commission remove this section  from the Township's Zoning Ordinance
  • Clear Vision Rule - Corner of 8 Mile and Cypress is in compliance. Any further questions should be directed to the Newaygo County Road Commission


  • Township's newsletter can be found on website under newsletter tab
  • ZBA - alternate needed
  • Review of ambulance contract tabled
  • Discussion of sign for fire well
  • Discussion of increased cost of mailing newsletter with tax bills through KCI, a new company the County has hired to send out tax bills


  • June newsletter to be included with summer tax bills; County has outsourced mailing to KCI of Grand Rapids
  • Township website will continue to be maintained through GoDaddy
  • Service contract with County pending
  • ZBA -  alternate needed
  • Clean-up Day - 3 dumpsters were used by 30 township residents
  • Brining of roads approved up to $1725.00
  • Clerk to attend 2-day conference in July


  • Master Plan: update recommended by Planning Commission was approved
  • 2017 road improvements: Elm north of 8 Mile - wedge worst spots at north end @$15,000; Pierce Road east of

           Cypress - wedge and overlay @$62,250

  • June newsletter presented and discussed
  • Assessor's contract increased by 50 cents per parcel
  • Service Contract with County tabled for further details
  • Procedure for contacting/hiring Township's attorney: prior approval by 3 of 5 Township Board members required
  • Zoning Board of Appeals needs another alternate member
  • Special Use Permit approved for construction and operation of 50 site rustic campground contingent upon conditions set forth by the Planning Commission


  • Norwich Township historical exhibit (1880's to 1920's) on display at the Newaygo County Museum and Heritage Center in Newaygo
  • Zoning Board of Appeals-alternate member appointed
  • Road improvements for 2017 discussed; $65,000 approved for either Elm or Pierce based on Road Commission's recommendation
  • Master Plan revisions presented
  • Discussed Assessor's contract
  • Request to transfer $991.74 from General Fund to Fire Fund to cover payment to City of Big Rapids
  • Discussed need for procedure regarding contact of Township's Attorney for Township issues


  • GPS address added to website
  • EMS coverage will be provided by Mecosta County EMS for the next calendar year
  • Zoning Board of Appeals- 1 new alternate pending
  • 2016 budget-several line items were amended
  • 2017 budget approved
  • Items for Norwich Township exhibit at Newaygo County Museum were displayed
  • Voting Tabulator Resolution-approved to apply for a grant for a new voting system funded by the State
  • Medical marijuana issue and MTA article will be discussed with Planning Commission at next meeting


  • EMS contract-discussed Mecosta County EMS contract
  • Zoning Board of Appeals-1 new member appointed; 1 alternate member needed
  • Great Lakes Energy grant-feedback from Clerk's phone call not positive for upgrading fire well driveway
  • Newaygo County Museum would like to include northern Townships in the next exhibit and in Newaygo County History & Biographies Volume 2
  • Newaygo County Road Commission notified township of monies to be spent on road dust control


  • EMS millage-contract with Mecosta County EMS to be presented to Mecosta County Board on 1/19/17.

            If approved, start date will be as soon as Call Centers are contacted.

  • Zoning Board of Appeals-1 new member and 1 new alternate member needed
  • Year in Review Report- discussed; to be included with Assessment Notice sent out by the County and added to web site
  • Budget-reviewed and several line items amended
  • Board of Review Members-plan to attend class
  • Great Lakes Energy grants-discussed as a possible source to help pay for fire well driveway


  • November minutes were corrected to include discussion on condition of west section of Woodward Avenue, a seasonal road; no improvements will be done at this time
  • Fire well road-crushed cement (same price as gravel) has been delivered and will be leveled in spring
  • EMS millage-Board will seek new contract with Mecosta County EMS
  • Corner of Cypress and 8 Mile Road-County will not put a stop sign on this corner
  • "Year in Review" to summarize  Board's actions was suggested; Board discussed possibility of February newsletter and/or on website.


  • Fire well road-waiting on good weather to level road and add asphalt
  • EMS millage passed; full one mill will be assessed on 2016 winter taxes; EMS provider discussed
  • Corner of Cypress and 8 Mile Road discussed
  • Red Cross use of hall in case of emergency-renewal of permission discussed
  • Zoning Administrator contract discussed
  • Board approved transfer of $60,000 to road fund to cover recent repairs


  • Web page-Zoning Amendment to Camping Ordinance and Annual Camping Registration Form will be added
  • Fencing Issue-fence allowed under Right to Farm Act
  • Zoning Amendment  to 3.30E adopted
  • Fire well road-waiting for good weather to level road and add asphalt
  • Newsletter-results of Nov. 8 millage proposal to be included; newsletter due in White Cloud by Nov. 9
  • EMS millage-discussion will continue after results of Nov. 8 election


  • Web page-will add site plan for fence being discussed at Public Hearing 10/5/16
  • Fence/Camping Ordinance update-Public Hearing scheduled for Oct. 5th
  • Fire Well-up and running, can pump 160 gal per minute. Discussed options for finishing road to well.
  • Newsletter-next letter is due in November
  • EMS millage-November 8 ballot contains request for 1 mill for 6 years-2016 thru 2021. If millage passes, funds will be available to Board for possible contract with Mecosta County EMS rather than Life EMS for which there is no charge. (EMS contract--The Board has had an on-going discussion regarding EMS services which is summarized as follows: Prior to July 1, 2016, the Norwich Township was contracted with Mecosta County EMS. The 2014 cost to the Township was based on 3 tenths of a mill @$4,910.69. The 2015 cost to the Township was based on 7 tenths of a mill @$12,850.00. The estimated cost for 2016 to the Township was to be based on 1 mill @ approximately $18,356.74. Due to the continued increase in cost, the Board discussed and chose the option of contracting with Life EMS out of White Cloud at no cost to the Township. As of July 1, 2016, service has been provided by Life EMS. First Responders from the Big Rapids Fire Department continue to service the Township. Response times will vary depending on the location of the call. Whenever Life EMS or Mecosta County EMS determines they cannot respond in a reasonable amount of time, they contact the other EMS to assist. Due to concerns raised by Township residents regarding response times, the Board voted to put 1 mill on the November ballot to provide funding to purchase EMS services.
  • Town hall carpet-Clerk will get bids for cleaning
  • Corner of Cypress and 8 Mile-Discussion and many suggestions on how to improve corner-from a stop sign to a left hand turn lane. No resolution at this time.


  • Web page-discussed addition of committee members; few Newaygo County townships include this information. Board concluded not necessary as contact information of elected board members is on home page. Board will look into putting more information in the newsletter
  • Fire well-5 hour test completed; Big Rapids Fire Department to install a locked box
  • Clean-up grant-next deadline is February 2017
  • Condition of 9 Mile west of town hall is in poor condition despite some patching
  • Library funding-no further action can be taken at this time; waiting for Big Rapids Township
  • EMS service-Resolution to put proposal for 1 mill for EMS Service on November ballot passed
  • Zoning Administrator reported: 7 Mile property split issue has been put on hold. Mohnke campground--no action can be taken until an application is requested. The Place to Bee special use permit for a 10ft. fence has been given to the Planning Commission to schedule a public hearing. The Law Enforcement Training Center buyer has backed out of the purchase


  • Web page-agendas for meetings will be placed on web at least one week ahead of meeting
  • Fire well bill received but as pump is not here, bill will not be paid at this time
  • Camping Ordinance changes approved by Board and returned to Planning Committee
  • Building permit for home on Polk is in compliance
  • Grant for township clean-up is due Sept 1
  • Township may be expected to sign a contact to provide funding for BR library, if BR Township millage passes; if it doesn't pass, it may go to a district library
  • Life EMS contract began 7/1/16
  • Abandoned well in front of town hall has been filled with sand
  • Seven Mile property issue-Zoning Board of Appeals met July 12 as bank wants a variance; tabled to determine options
  • Public comment: resident expressed concern over time delay of Life EMS coming from White Cloud; Board approved possibility of placing proposal on November ballot to provide funding for Mecosta Co. EMS
  • Jason VanderStelt spoke of qualifications for County Clerk position
  • Charles Chandler spoke of the need for the Commission on Aging proposal to be voted on in August
  • Joe Brugnoli spoke about his offer on 240 acres on 8 Mile and Hardwick for a Law Enforcement Training Center and was referred to the Planning Commission; resident expressed disapproval of this training center
  • After providing a new site plan to the Planning Commission, The Place to Bee fence request will be discussed at August Planning meeting
  • Resident spoke on condition of 9 Mile west of town hall; many potholes left unfilled
  • Class A roads/no weight laws/any in township?


  • Camping Ordinance 3.30E-review received from attorney, will be returned to Planning Commission for next step in process
  • Big Rapids librarian advised to contact State Election Office to get information regarding a petition to put new millage request on the ballot
  • EMS service will be provided by Life EMS of Newaygo County as of July 1, 2016. Big Rapids First Responders from the Big Rapids Fire Dept will still assist
  • Law Enforcement/Military Training Center--240 acres being considered for purchase; rezoning issues
  • Dan Harris designed and presented a new steel base for the hall sign plaque


  • Camping Ordinance 3.30E- revision sent to Township Attorney for input/advice
  • Newsletter proofed and to be sent with summer tax bills
  • Grant application for township cleanup is due in August
  • Big Rapids Library wish for millage proposal on ballot--petition needed for this to happen
  • Base for plaque for Township's sign built and contributed by resident Dan Harris
  • EMS - As of July 1st, Life EMS of Newaygo County will provide service without cost to Township; customers will be billed. First Responders from Big Rapids Fire Dept will continue to provide service. Patients cannot be transported  until Life EMS arrives.


  • Link to State website for election information is
  • Fire well and hall well will be placed side by side; old well will be sealed; pit in front of hall will be cleared and filled with sand
  • Revised camping ordinance approved and will be sent to Township attorney for input/advice
  • County Road Commission rated roads in order of need for repair; Board approved $363,050 to complete repairs
  • 5-year contract with Big Rapids Fire Department was approved
  • Members of township spoke about having a proposal for extra funding for the Big Rapids Community Library on the August ballot. Road and fire millages are expiring so are given top priority on August ballot. Board asked group to form a committee and bring petition to another meeting. Board may look at possible placement on November ballot
  • EMS contract cost is up from $4910.69 last year to $12,850.00
  • Cost for 2 road brinings will be same as last year
  • Private campground--owner is meeting with DEQ and Zoning Admininstrator to secure proper permits


  • Plans were approved for a 5" well for town hall to be dug at same time as fire well
  • Planning Commission Secretary will review all documentation regarding modification of camping ordinance and make recommendation to Planning Commission
  • Newsletter to go out in Assessment Notices
  • Supervisor will drive roads with Jim David of Newaygo County Road Commission to rate roads in order of need of repair for road bids
  • Board voted to include $5000.00 in budget to cover cost of Township's share in clean-up grant to be submitted when window opens in September
  • Amended line items for 2015-16 budget
  • Budget for 2016-17 approved
  • Discussed renewal propositions for road and fire: 2 mills road, 1 mill road and 1 mill fire.


  • Camping ordinance issue tabled; new Planning Commission secretary to review all background information and make recommendations to Planning Commission at April meeting
  • Next newsletter to be included in Tax Assessment Notices
  • Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals members' terms have been extended
  • Township sign in proces of being updated
  • Grant application for township cleanup on hold until September window opens
  • Zoning Administrator will provide information as needed from MTA on Zoning Board of Appeals Standards Used in an Appeal
  • Seven Mile Road split does not meet all three requirements of Zoning Ordinance
  • Election inspectors to receive pay increase to $10.00 in order to be in line with other townships
  • Request for millage proposal from Big Rapids Community Library tabled
  • Road mills: 2 mill renewal and 1 mill increase have expired and will be on August ballot for renewal
  • Fire mill: 1 mill for fire does not generate enough to cover both fire and EMS services. Board will continue to draw money from general fund to cover for another year. A  0.5 mill for EMS services may be proposed in the future
  • Expenses for fiscal year discussed; budget to be presented at March Public Budget Hearing.


  • ​Fire well update--waiting for new bid which will include town hall's use of water
  • Camping ordinance revisions tabled
  • Freeman Propane has installed a new tank and will refill automatically as needed
  • ​Zoning Administrator job description reviewed, changes will be made and discussed at next meeting
  • Board was advised of availability of land south of cemetery, were questioned about possibility of land to the east, and were asked if new well will be too close to the site of the possible additional cemetery at town hall
  • Special Assessments for 2015 were for Benson and Conklin drains
  • Road repair--Supervisor drove the Township roads with Kelly Smith of Road Commission to determine the worst  roads. Supervisor to get bids on top 6 roads.


  • Clerk met with Road Commission and Big Rapids Fire Department regarding site of fire well
  • Planning Commission members had not been provided with latest camping ordinance draft so no action taken
  • Purchase of additional land adjoining Township Hall will be combined  in to one parcel
  • New propane provider--Supervisor researched area companies and found Freeman in Big Rapids had best deal
  • New members Planning Commission and  Board of Review--Angela Barnes appointed to Planning Commission to fill vacancy made by Joel Schultz as he is appointed to Board of Review. Board of Appeals position pending
  • Camping fee permits-extended Resolution to waive fees until 12-31-16
  • Possible grant for township cleanup--Township will match grant request of $5000.00 pending landowners' willingness to pay 1/4 of cost


  • Tim Boerma sworn in as Supervisor
  • Received $10,000 grant from TransCanada for fire well. Wells' Well Drilling to handle application for site approval from Newaygo County Health Dept.
  • Planning  Commission to meet 12/2 to continue discussion of camping ordinance revision
  • Cell tower at Woodville Church will NOT be placed in Norwich Township
  • Closing date has been set for purchase of land adjoining Township for future cemetery
  • Officer Chuck Meyers from Newaygo Co, Sheriff's Dept, introduced himself as responsible for our area
  • Scott VanSingel announced his run for State Rep due to term limitation of Jon Bumstead
  • Eric Morgan appointed and sworn in as Zoning Administrator
  • Resignations of John Estes as Treasurer and Phyllis Carlson as Trustee effective midnight 11/30/15
  • Appointment of Phyllis Carlson as Treasurer effective 12/1/15 to fill out remainder of term
  • Appointment of John Estes as Trustee effective 12/1/15 to fill out remainder of term
  • New positions for Board of Review, Planning Commission, and Board of Appeals pending


  • Special Meeting--held interviews for Supervisor and Zoning Administrator due to death of Ken Knapp
  • Tim Boerma will be sworn in as Supervisor at next Board Meeting
  • Eric Morgan will be appointed as Zoning Administrator at next Board Meeting


  • TransCanada $10,000 grant for fire well pending approval of corporate office; Board approved matching funds up to $15,000
  • Camping ordinance draft #3 to be sent to Planning Board members
  • Completion of sign by John Kirkbride who donated his time, design and stone mason skills; stones donated from within Township
  • Zoning Board of Appeals needs two members
  • Road past Turnbull Lake is open in both directions to the public; signs are posted for property not the road.


  • November 3 election--MOISD Special Education and White Cloud Public Schools millage
  • TransCanada has approved (at local level) grant for fire well for at least $10,000; awaiting Corporate approval
  • Discussion of camping ordinance continues, including recommendations by Ryan Coffey
  • Joint meeting with Planning Board scheduled for October 7
  • Topics for newsletter were discussed


  • Residents interested in position as election inspector or on one of appointed boards should contact Supervisor
  • TransCanada unable to approve fire well grant due to lack of funds; may approve less money or wait until next round
  • Ryan Coffey presented a sample camping ordinance for discussion/review
  • Stonework for new sign is nearing completion
  • Topics for newsletter were discussed
  • Search for members for Zoning Board of Appeals continues


  • Big Rapids Library--PIONEER reported on 6/30/15 that city had forgiven townships' debts.
  • New sign has been ordered; John Kirkbride has started the field stone base
  • Discussed propane bids; tank is 2/3 full so will continue with Suburban Propane
  • Discussed purchase of adjoining land for future cemetery; Supervisor will make offer


  • Repairs on frozen pipes completed by Wells Well Drilling
  • New sign will be ordered pending visit to Valley City Signs
  • Discussed purchase of land adjoining township hall for future cemetery
  • Wayne Bumstead spoke on behalf of son Jon
  • Possible cell tower at Woodville Church
  • Discussed possible need for additional insurance on workers
  • D&B Brining has been contacted several times regarding brining of roads
  • Zoning Board of Appeals needs two new members


  • Coffey submitted grant for water well to TransCanada for review
  • Additional repairs needed on frozen pipes
  • Awaiting additional bids for new sign
  • Clean Up Day set for June 13 from 8-noon for township residents


  • Coffey presented draft of TransCanada grant for 50% matching funds for water well for fire dept usage
  • Coffey will consult with his associates regarding the camping ordinance issue
  • Water pipes-plastic pipe is cracked and will need to be repaired when it thaws out
  • Discussed purchase of new hall sign
  • New Planning Board member--Jill Gregory will fill vacancy created by a resignation


  • Ryan Coffey, Newaygo County, has agreed to assist in writing the grant for the water well (fire dept. usage)
  • Ryan Coffey will meet with township board to discuss camping ordinance issue
  • Zoning Administrator presented report
  • Discussed frozen water pipes at town hall
  • Discussed propane costs at town hall
  • 2015-16 budget approved


  • Zoning Administrator presented report
  • Culvert on Thebo Road will be replaced or dug out in the spring
  • Discussed and approved amendments to 2014-15 budget
  • 2015-16 Budget Hearing scheduled for March 11, 2015


  • Plans for a new sign and stonework frame are underway
  • Zoning Administrator presented report
  • Stewart Sanders introduced himself as Newaygo County Register of Deeds

12/10/14 meeting

  • Ken Knapp will continue as Zoning Administrator for 2015
  • Camping Resolution 2013-9-11 extended until 12-31-15
  • 12/3/14  annual joint meeting with Planning Board

11/12/14 meeting

  • Received bid from Johnson Signs for new sign at hall
  • Received bid from Well's Well Drilling for dry hydrant
  • Discussion of township's contribution to grant for dry hydrant
  • Discussion of camping ordinance is on-going

10/8/14 meeting

  • Discussion with Gary Johnson regarding new sign
  • Discussion of revision to camping ordinance is ongoing; MTA recommendations
  • Joint meeting with Planning Board is set for December 3rd
  • Dept. of Treasury policy for public inspection of records approved
  • 10/1/14 Planning Commission Minutes - Discussion of review/revision of Master Plan

9/10/14 meeting

  • Discussion of bid received for water well for hydrant
  • Discussion of revisions to camping ordinance

8/13/14 meeting

  • Per Big Rapids Fire Dept., most feasible location for hydrant is at township hall
  • Mecosta County EMS contract approved; 200% increase in annual bill
  • Big Rapids Library meeting-cost analysis and several scenarios to raise funding were presented
  • Camping ordinance discussed and tabled until September meeting
  • 8/6/14 Planning Commission Minutes - Discussion of Township Board rejection of Planning Commission's camping ordinance recommendation.

7/9/14 meeting

  • Discussion of dry hydrant, Mecosta County EMS funding, and a new sign

6/11/14 meeting

  • Big Rapids Library meeting scheduled for July 23 at 1:30 p.m., re: funding
  • 4/2/14 Planning Commission Minutes - Discussion of Camping Ordinance
  • E.M.S. services with Big Rapids - discussed discrepancy in billing
  • Discussion of current camping ordinance - Twp. Board will suggest to Planning Commission to allow 4 consecutive days of camping without notificatipn to Twp Supervisor/Zoning Adm. If more than 4 consecutive days, notify Supv/Zoning Adm but no permit or fees will be required.

5/14/14 meeting

  • Township Clean Up Day scheduled for June 14 from 8 a.m. to noon.
  • Big Rapids Library meeting scheduled for May 26 at 11 a.m.
  • 4/2/14 Planning Commission - Discussion of Camping Ordinance
  • Primary Election - August 5, 2014; General Election Nov. 4, 2014

4/9/14 meeting

  • State Representative Jon Bumsted discussed State's budget, road funding a big issue
  • Planning Board's recommendation to amend camping ordinance tabled
  • Camping registration and information for the 2014 season--contact Ken Knapp, acting Zoning Administrator

3/12/14 meeting

  • 2014-15 Budget Hearing to approve budget

  • Search for Zoning Administrator continues

  • County's collection of household hazardous waste to be held June 14, 2014. Refer to information noted above for details.

2/12/14 meeting

  • Big Rapids Public Library survey @ or @
  • Search for Zoning Administrator continues
  • 2/5/14 Planning Commission Minutes- Discussion of Camping Ordinance and a Re-zoning Application
  • Budget Hearing scheduled for March 12, 2014

1/8/14 meeting

  • Presentation by Life EMS Ambulance Service
  • Discussion of potential grants for fire protection water supply
  • Replacement of powerlines from Croton to 13 Mile Road
  • Appointment of Bradley Looy to fill a Planning Commissioner vacancy