Norwich Township was organized in January of 1872, making it the 15th. township in Newaygo County. Prior to this time, Norwich had been part of Big Prairie Township.

During the 1880's three unincorporated villages (Hungerford, Lumberton and Woodville) were located in Norwich Township. They were connected by the railroad which ran from Muskegon to Big Rapids. The lumber industry played an important role in the Township.

Originally, the town hall was located in the village of Hungerford, one-quarter mile west of the railroad tresstle now known as Cypress Road. The present town hall, built in 1926, is located on the corner of Cypress Road and 9 Mile Road.

In August 2015, Norwich Township resident John Kirkbride donated his design and stone mason skills for a new sign. The arch is made up of stones from Norwich Township.

Norwich Township History

Norwich Township
Newaygo County, MI

Located at the corner of
Cypress and 9 Mile Road